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Today’s retail landscape offers unique opportunities along with some intimidating challenges. Impact of economic factors, the increasing choice in products, shopping formats, and seamless access to information is fuelling today’s shoppers, who expect more from their retail experience. It is also clear that the focus of the retail experience has expanded well beyond the physical store and now includes everything from the retailer’s online store and call center to marketplaces and social networks—connected seamlessly as one experience. These consumers are increasingly taking charge of their own shopping experiences, leveraging different sources of information and retail channels to increase their level of satisfaction.

Thriving in this new era of retail means retailers internal working need to more interconnected and proactive than before. They need to respond across all the channels with consistent shopping experiences, offering customers what they want, when and where they want to shop. The best way to do this is to integrate in-store operations with online channels .i95dev addressed the challenge of driving multichannel growth for retailers with their recently developed solution -instant eCommerce solution for dynamics RMS. i95Dev’s instant Ecommerce solution for dynamics RMS seamlessly integrate Magento and Microsoft Dynamics RMS, eliminating the need for manual intervention to update data from one system to another. This integrated approach streamlines retail operation and allows for real-time decision-making.




Enables you to integrate data from more than one store, making it possible to update all inventory, sales and pricing information accurately.

multi channel


Allows you to publish your inventory information on various channel sources like Amazon; eBay and Facebook, ensures increased online visibility of your business and empowers your sales.



Synchronize your customer data with the same information in both the system when a new customer is created in Magento or Microsoft Dynamics NAV

ebay   amazon

EBay /Amazon

Your inventory is automatically kept up to date on these third-party market places, allowing you to increase online sales with little or no manual labor.



Real time inventory updates simplifies the process of reconciling inventories from one or many location, providing you greater visibility into potential stock-out or overstock situations.

promotions   products


Offer personalized discounts and coupons as well as send mailers or targeted coupons to bring customers back.



Simply eliminate tax errors by automating the essential task of calculating accurate sales tax based on the customer’s geographic location

tier pricing

Tier Pricing

Allows you to offer specific pricing to various customer groups of your choosing with automatically synced data between Magento and your Dynamics RMS.

analytics   reporting


With analytics   Reporting you can have better insights to your business .See your business in real time and get visibility on what products are selling well, best performing channel




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